The APP of the Mediterranean Diet


The health properties of foods in Traditional Recipes: Mediterranean Diet is finally on our table. Eating of Healthy Food, smile at the table and keep moving are the three main ingredients of the Mediterranean Diet. "MDiet" is a simple and revolutionary Application and it is studied by experts to bring to the palm of your hand the vision of the United Nations who look to healthy eating as a form of greater protection of our health and to recognize the Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO 2010).

MDiet Content

This is the first release of MDiet App. "MDiet" means Mediterranean Diet and it is inspired by the research of Benjamin Ancel Keys, American physiologist and physician known for his epidemiological studies that led him to recognize the positive influence of the Mediterranean Diet on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. "MDiet" APP is the first application that brings concretely, and very simply, the Mediterranean Diet to the Table. All that is beautiful and useful you'll find in your APP:
  • In line with the Directives of the United Nations

    “MDiet" is the first APP that provides recommendations to counter, thanks to proper nutrition, the non-communicable diseases such as Gluten intolerance, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, obesity, irritable bowel, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases. As dictated by the United Nations (non communicable diseases - June 2014), "MDiet APP" is concord with the policies of the "Sustainable Food Governance - UN".
  • PH values of the foods of the Mediterranean Diet

    "MDiet APP" provides the “pH” values of food (potential Hydrogen); it is considered important to maintain the health because, thanks to its scale of values, you can identify the acidifying or alkalizing effect of foods.
  • Eat well to get better

    With the word "Diet" the physiologist Ancel Benjamin Keys has identified not a crash Diet as erroneously imagined, but a "healthy lifestyle". "MDiet" is the precious APP that gives you tips and suggestions for the correct and healthy Diet of the Mediterranean Diet aimed at your well-being.
  • Extraordinary Picture

    Over 400 beautiful images with attention to detail to help you to identify and recognize easily all foods of the Mediterranean Diet.
  • Mediterranean Diet Recipes

    "MDiet APP" transmits to you the ancient tradition of Mediterranean cooking with its "Recipes", the result of careful and scrupulous research rooted in the history of "Coexistence Mediterranean". They are always up to date thanks to the contribution of the most renowned Italian Cooking School. Recipes, Healthy food of native lands and their preparation, are the only way to taste at the table the "Mediterranean Diet".
  • The Herbs and the Spices

    Among functional foods typically used in Mediterranean cooking there are the Herbs and Spices that, in addition to enhancing flavour and aroma of foods (like salt), act as the best natural antioxidant. For this reason, the "MDiet" App dedicated a deserved space in this gastronomic element that is one of the secrets of the Mediterranean Diet.
  • "My Diary" Function

    "My Diary" allows you to write down the food path daily, weekly and monthly, and send it, with a simple click via e-mail, directly from your smartphone, to a specialist for advice or suggestions.
  • Biologist Nutritionist's advice

    "MDiet App" offers you a lot of suggestions of Biologist Nutritionist, useful to educate your eating habits because "... our health begins at the table". Thanks to this important contribution of "Mdiet” APP will understand that the Mediterranean Diet expresses, on the whole, a food culture attentive to the quality of foods and their traceability, but also the simplicity of their preparations, and it is the frugality that we inherit from the rural world which represents the heart of the Mediterranean Diet.

Road Map

We are already working on the next version of “MDiet” App. Among the changes that will accompany you will find:
1) Managing your profile with the opportunity to highlight pathologies and set your preferences;
2) Internationalisation with initial support to the English and Russian languages;
3) Performance improvements...
... but these are just some of the innovations that we will apply for you.


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